Meanca Neethling is a South African born multidisciplinary designer focusing on collectable, functional art pieces and woven textile illustrations within the interior space. Her work spans in scale and discipline from unique furniture heirlooms, surface design to bespoke one off commissions.

Based in London, she started Meeco Studio to explore the visual language and dialog between rhythmic patterns and sculptural shapes with a common thread of purpose.

With a background in fashion her approach to design is playful, characterised by shape and hand drawn illustration thats optimistic, evokes curiosity and starts conversation. Core tenets of longevity, functionality and imagination guide her works. Pushing deeper into duality of life where beauty and creativity flourish when seemingly uncomfortable. Through tactile design and blending the elements of colour, form and texture elevate our senses to create a connection through visual stories.

Staying curious enables her to collaborate with artisans, discover new skills and include various techniques across craft, fashion and interior. Innovative materials drive her designs forward not just in the story they tell but with digital editing and keeping traditional artwork techniques relevant and evolving. 

As designers, we have a greater responsibility not only to create beautiful, functional objects but to create a positive impact through considered design, innovation and in the choices we make.

Curated design with purpose


“Every individual matters. Every individual has a role to play. Every individual makes a difference” Jane Goodall